Monday, February 8, 2010

Welcome to Homestead Revival!

If you're reading this, THANK YOU for coming over and checking out my new blog! I'm sure you won't be disappointed. My main mission for blogging... to encourage women to get back to enjoying the home, back to the basics of living closer to the land, families, and communities, and to leave a legacy and educate a new generation in these practices. You'll find many of the same things that were good about River Rock Cottage as well as several new things. Let me show you around...

What's Gone?
AdSense advertising. If I have any advertising in the future, it will be by buttons only from companies and sellers I believe in! No more clutter here!
For now, some miscellaneous stuff such as my homeschooling list of curriculum. I may tuck this in somewhere else later on, but I hope to create a clutter free blog so that you can easily navigate and find what you are looking for.

What's new?
Well, I gave you just a taste of my new polls the last two weeks. Those will be here each Monday baring a family catastrophe!
I have a new button for you to grab if you would like to add one to your blog page. I hope you'll spread the word! (Let me know if the link isn't working right and I'll fix it. If you have blogger, just go to Layout - Picture - and drop the photo in while adding this blog address to the Link section. Others may need to copy and paste the link underneath the button on the right sidebar.)
I've added a RSS feed, but I don't see it showing up. It may be visible to you and not me, but either way, I'm still working to make sure that is up and running. Keep looking for it just under Follows.

What's the same?
• Currently Reading - lots of my discussions come from the books I read. You can see where I'm headed just by looking at this list. 
• A great Amazon store - purchase one of the books off my reading list and follow along with me! And you'll be supporting this blog, thank you!
• A great place to follow along - won't you join now? Don't miss out on the conversations!
• Great homesteads to visit - be sure to check out all my blog friends; you can never have too many friends!
•Finally, I'm going to try to move over all my blog posts from River Rock Cottage so that you can reference something when you need to without having to go back and forth. Give me some time, but you can see I've already started.

What's coming?
• New pages with information better organized - soon!
• More recipes
• More bread baking, milling of grains, using various grains, and possibly soaking of grains.
• Canning & Dehydrating
• Discussions on In-season eating, Gardening, Goats, Bees, Chickens, etc.
• How to start on a Food Journey
• Organizing your homestead
• Tips on teaching daughters how to homestead
• Better photographs - hopefully soon!
• And so much more; my head is swirling with ideas!

Okay, I know you're wondering what the give-aways are this week...

Remember these?

Okay, sorry it's not the entire set. I don't even have it all yet. BUT, how would you like to win 6 dinner plates from Williams-Sonoma's Pantry Essentials line?

Or what about this little set I put together? If you remember, I'm loving white right now! And when I found this bowl, I knew it would be perfect for a friend (I confess, I'd love to keep it, but would be blessed more if one of you enjoyed it! But I keep the stand!). The rooster napkins are something I pick up whenever I can to keep on  hand for serving appetizers. And this neat book I found by Emilie Barnes and Yoli Brogger on Designing Your Home On A Budget! Who wouldn't want that?? (Certainly your husbands would approve!) These three items will be a separate give away.

And last, but not least, one person will receive a copy of Eliot Coleman's book Four Season HarvestAgain, this is near and dear to my heart right now. I'll be posting on this more over the next year. Someone is going to get to read along and enjoy this great book with me!

So there you have it. Three great give-aways. How do you get in the drawing? It really isn't hard. And you can get your name in the drawing up to four times!

1. Leave a comment on my new blog. If you've never done so before and need to know how, click here. (You may need to sign in to Google if you do not have a blog of your own.)

2. Become a follower of Homestead Revival.

3. Update or Add Homestead Revival to your blog roll. (You must leave a comment; I'll visit your blog!)

4. Post about this give-away and my new blog on your own blog. (Yep. You must leave a comment.)

Update: Drawing ends Saturday at noon PST.

Thank you, friends. I appreciate all the support you've given me over the last year and I look forward to a new year visiting with you!

Blessings from my blog to yours!


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