Monday, February 15, 2010

Give-Away Winners And Poll Results

I know you're excited to hear who won, so I'll get straight to it (but stay with me to the end of the post!)...

Williams-Sonoma Pantry Essential Dinner Dishes: Christine! (#23)
The Bowl, Designing Your Home Book, and Napkins: Betsy Clark! (#36)
Four Season Harvest: Gina (#11)

Congratulations, ladies! If you will go to my profile page and click email on the left, I need your mailing address so I can get your prize to you as soon as possible.

All numbers were selected by Random.org and were determined by the order of the comments posted (with my own two comments removed).

Be sure to watch for next month's give away!

Also, I wanted to point out that there are some new tabs at the top of my page just under the header. Besides the Home page where the blog posts can be read, I've added:

Beginning A Food Journey for newcomers or if you wish to direct others to start a Food Journey, this lists my posts for them in the order that will take them step by step.

Shop which is my Amazon store. Any purchases made through this page will help support this blog, including items not listed in my store. I will try to list most books I mention on the site that I recommend.

Resources that includes links to various sites for finding things from raw milk to grass fed beef as well as other important things you may need for Homesteading. I'll be updating this page with additional information as time goes.

Finally today, I want to mention the poll results and remind you to vote in the newest poll. With 46 people voting it broke down as follows...

Which would you recommend for starting on a Food Journey?

29   Eliminate Processed Foods and Sugar  
 7   Eat In-Season, Organic Produce
 7   Switch To Whole Grains
 2   Drink Raw Dairy Products
 1   Eat Grass/Pasture Raised Meats

No answer was incorrect and where someone begins would depend on their own family, nutritional needs, and comfort level. But, like the votes reflect, eliminating the "fake" food first along with excess sugar is going to be easier for most people. Not necessarily EASY, just easier!

Be sure to check out this week's poll question: Which kitchen appliance would you hate to live without? I've put my favorites up there and I'm curious to see what you use the most in your own kitchen!
I'm looking forward to another blessed week visiting with you!


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