Thursday, August 5, 2010

A BIG Announcement!

Have you ever wanted to have more of a discussion on a homesteading topic, but felt you were limited in the comment section of the blog? Perhaps you wanted to ask a few questions that were not related to the topic at hand, but didn't know where to jump in? I certainly have! And I think I've found a solution...

The Homestead Revival™ Community Forum which is now being hosted over at BlogFrog.

What is BlogFrog?

BlogFrog is a place where readers can interact with each other and get to know each other better. For example, if your favorite blog installed a BlogFrog community you could:

  • Ask other readers a question
  • Read blog posts and tweets created by other readers
  • View the profiles of other like-minded readers
  • Much much more...
It connects you to experts on every topic imaginable. You can have fun while you find like-minded friends, join in the conversation, and connect with other like-minded readers.

How to I join?

You can go to the right sidebar of my blog where you'll see the red BlogFrog widget; click "Visit My Community" and follow the steps to set up an account. Or you can go directly to BlogFrog and set up an account and create your profile. 

How do I find the forum?

Once you've created an account, click "Communities" on the top tab and then search for "Homestead Revival™ Community". On the right you'll see a list of communities, including this one. Click the link and when you get to the next page, find the button on the left that says "Join This Community". And that's it!

I hope you will ALL come over and join the discussions there. Each of you have wonderful experiences that you can share with others even if it's a mistake you've made in gardening or canning (I've had my share, to be sure)! We learn by doing and sharing information. Too often we can get caught up in trying to be self-sufficient instead of God-sufficient (can I coin that term?), but homesteading is always done best in community, which is how God designed it to be. Would you agree?

Give-Away Bonus!

Join the Homestead Revival™ Community Forum before the Tattler Re-useable Canning Lid Give-Away is over and I'll enter you in the drawing again! (You must be entered the first time by being a follower of Homestead Revival™.) Just leave me a comment here and tell me you've joined.

And to get the ball rolling on the discussions over there, I'm doing a special give-away for the top two Most Active Members by the end of the week (Saturday 10:00 pm PST)! (I don't want to give away the prize yet - it's a secret, but I'll give you a clue. One involves raw milk and the other seasonal food.) 

I'm so excited! Let's talk!


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