Saturday, August 28, 2010

Chickens On Parade

Since I have a rash all over my right hand (yes, I'm right handed), typing is a bit painful right now. But I love photos! Do you? And can you ever have too many of the chickens? I think not. Some of these are older, but fun just the same. 

Can you tell which child is my "chicken gal"? If only I had photos of all the times she wagged one around the yard! My favorite is only in my mind's eye. The sun was just coming up and I heard her outside with the chickens... dressed in a bright yellow and red silk night gown, with a bold striped sweater, red rubber boots, and a chicken under her arm walking around the yard talking to it. Priceless!

Why couldn't I have had my camera? By the time I found it, the moment was gone forever except as a memory. {sigh...}

She takes after her mom...


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