Monday, November 22, 2010

Check Out Your Coops!

Today is the unveiling of the Homestead Revival™ Reader's Chicken Coop Extravaganza and they are awesome! Such a creative bunch, too. It's amazing what each family has found to utilize in their specific geographical areas in order to construct their coop or run. Perhaps you'll get some ideas for your own hen house today. 

Credits for each are located underneath the photo and I've included links to additional pictures if the reader is a blogger and has more information. Rather than me tell you a lot about each one, I encourage you to visit them at their blog and get to know them. They can explain things about their design much better than I can.

Leslie of Farm Fresh Fun

Michelle Oborn of Little House in Oregon

 Lynda Reynolds of Williams, California

Sylvia Flanagan of Homestead Hope

 Kathy M. Holton of Trinket's Vintage Treasures

Vicki of Happy Haven

Shannon Hoffman of Metanoa 4 Life

Thy Hand Hath Provided - main coop for layers

Thy Hand Hath Provided - moveable tractor for chicks

  Gail Cagney of Northern Georgia

Catherine Pond of In The Pantry

Megan Jenelle of A Blossoming Homestead

Wasn't that fun!! I love them all. Thanks ladies for participating. You made this post awesome!

Viva la chicken coop!


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