Monday, November 29, 2010

Planning A Simple and Natural Christmas

This year, I want to do something different for the holidays. I want to focus on natural Christmas decorations. Not that I won't add some favorite items, but I want to emphasize bringing the outdoors in. Less store bought ornaments, more of nature's seasonal offerings. And of course, a focus on Christ's coming to earth.

Photo Credit: whertha

Usually I start with an artificial pre-lit tree. This year, I will use a fresh cut tree or a living tree. I would most certainly opt for the living tree, but these do not do well indoors, especially with a wood burning stove in the same room because the heat causes the sap to start running after a while. However, I may go with this option and wait until about a week before Christmas to actually bring the tree into the house. If I do, I'll place the  potted tree in a half whiskey barrel lined with some type of plastic so that I can periodically dump ice around the base of the tree in an attempt to keep it cooler. If it leaks onto my floor... well, you can imagine how much damage that could do.

If I go with the fresh cut tree, I'll probably do the same by placing it in the whiskey barrel (if I can find one this time of year). We have 12 foot ceilings in our farmhouse and this will help add some height while hiding whatever we use to stand the tree up. In this case, perhaps a bucket with water! After Christmas, I plan to use the barrel to create a water feature for me bees this spring, complete with water plants for them to sit on while they drink so they won't down.

Ornaments? Years ago I only used handmade items. Perhaps we'll bring these out again and add some popcorn or cranberry garlands. Pottery barn has a lovely paper garland that says "Happy Holidays", but I really want it to say, "Happy Birthday, Jesus!", so I'm going to the dollar tree to purchase some brown kraft paper (wrapping paper) and make my own. Not only will it be more economical, it will be more personal and whimsical.

Photo Credit: Pottery Barn

I'm a big fan of white lights, so I'll definitely keep those, as well as adding some glitter. Natural is lovely, but I'm thinking I want to keep it a bit festive, so a little glitter somewhere... perhaps some pinecones and snowflake ornaments sprayed with glitter. 

Photo Credit: Ballard Designs

Narcissus will be a large part of our display this year. Along with some potted rosemary and fresh greenery, this will be our mainstay throughout the rest of the house. White satin ribbons, a few berries, some pinecones, and on occasion, a splash of spray glitter will finish it off. Hopefully, most of those items will come from our yard or a friends.

Photo Credit: fturmog

I have an entire Bethlehem village that lights up and is wonderfully spectacular to behold, but since we will have 10 people in our home during the holidays, I've decided to save this for another year and instead use an old family manger scene that has been in the family for a while. I haven't decided how to display it yet since there is not creche to go with it, but I'm thinking about a tray with hay surrounded by boughs of pine. I'd love some ideas on this one!

How will you decorate for the holidays?


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