Friday, November 19, 2010

Homesteading Around The World

How would you like an opportunity to help others homestead in a third world country? Perhaps support a young family that has no financial means or hope of ever becoming independent and self sufficient? Maybe you dream of jumping on a plan when a catastrophe happens in order to aid the needy but realize your limitations? 

There is a way to help...

Several groups, such as Samaritan's Purse, have catalogs during the Christmas holiday season where you can select a project and send money to fund that specific need for a child or family that is struggling just to survive. And I love the fact that the projects span a wide range in terms of cost so that even a child can participate by spending some of their savings. For example, $4 buys a small stuffed lamb that plays "Jesus Loves Me", while on the upper end $15,000 will build a church for suffering believers (your donation is added with others to fund this large project). 

But back to my favorite... homesteading needs that allow a family to become more independent...

Bees $35

Fruit Trees $45

Poultry (Baby Chicks) $14

And at the top of my list... goats. In 38 seconds you can see how this $70 project works.

I plan to have my family sit down after Thanksgiving and pick our gift for Jesus this year. How about you?


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