Thursday, November 18, 2010

Food Storage On TV

I debated with myself over posting this information, but I am moving forward and will let you make your own decision... Glenn Beck is having some food storage "experts" (people who have been doing this a long time) on his FOX news program tonight at 5:00 p.m EST. It would be a great opportunity to hear some tips from those who have some experience with this kind of thing. 

Photo Credit: maureen_sill

But please, let me encourage those of you who are new to Homestead Revival™ and my thoughts on preparedness and food storage... do not let fear take over wisdom and trust in God. While there is some common sense to storing a certain amount of food (like having a savings account), you will NEVER be able to store enough to become entirely independent or self-sufficient. God has designed it so we must live in community. To miss this point, is to fail at being prepared (among other things). And the best way to prepare is to learn skills and have an active homestead with a garden and tools as well as some fruit trees, product producing animals with someplace to free range, and hunting and fishing gear. Not everyone can do all of this, but even if you have some of it in place, you will be miles ahead of many and will have something to barter with should the need arise. You can access my Preparedness Index which lists all my posts on the topic by clicking here.

Viewing a show like this on Glenn Beck might generate some good ideas, but you will need to pick and choose as well as consider what is being said in light of the entire Scriptures. (If you miss the broadcast, I believe you can view it after today by clicking here.) And perhaps the episode will generate some good discussions as well. For our generation, being prepared begins with being open to learning new ways of doing things. 

Don't forget to send in your chicken coop pictures - the deadline is Sunday!


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