Monday, March 14, 2011

Barn Charm

Have you ever heard of Barn Charm? Me either, until I visited A Rural Journal and her Barn Charm post on the Barn Hop today. The link from there sent me to Bluff Area Daily, Home of Barn Charm. Is it possible to see too many barns in a lifetime? I don't think so.

There just aren't that many big old barns in this part of California. Land here had originally been divided into just a few really large ranches. In fact, the area where I live use to be one large ranch before it was divided up into smaller parcels in the 1970's. The barn I'm showing you today, was the original barn on the old ranch.

Fortunately, the area community has preserved this rustic structure and kept it from falling down and disintegrating. It's really large, too. Not many that size anymore. Oh, what I could do with a barn like that!

Hope you enjoyed a little Barn Charm to start your week off right! I know I did!


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