Friday, March 25, 2011

More Coops To Love!

My heart swoons for beautiful chicken coops. And although the Hen Hilton is built, it's not quite "finished". So I'm always looking at photos for a little inspiration...

The picket fence it this is darling, but... my girls would fly right over and I don't want to clip their wings. Love that vine and the dainty sized windows!

Red is always a favorite and I love metal roofing!

Definitely has garden charm.

This coop is close to mine on color, and I really like the shrubs in the area.

Oh, the shutters and screen door. And boxwoods! I love boxwoods! Planning to add some to my area for sure!

Hmmm... window boxes, good. Dog? Is he there for keeping them in or out?

I don't know; it's just cute!

Wow... wow. I think it's the crown molding and all those sunflowers and zinnias that send it over the top. Could be the copula.

Charming, charming, charming. Just like a miniature little cottage!

The rustic siding and green windows are probably more my style. Love the pathway up to the coop. I'm planning on a pathway of crushed granite up to mine.

This makes me think of a secret cottage; a place of it's own. As a kid, I'd be all over this one!

Smart on style and structure. And neat as a pin! I'm thinking shutters, maybe?

Oh, this one!! Simple and yet so very charming. (How many times have I used that word in this post so far? Anyone counting?) I love that it's all one color except for the roof. I wonder what the Hen Hilton would look like with an apron around the facia like that? I guess I'm going to have to pick and choose.

And my all time favorite? It still hasn't changed. I adore these roses cascading over the side of this coop! I just picked up a yellow Lady Banks Rose for the Hen Hilton. Now I just need one other climbing variety (preferably a white rose) that will flower all summer so I can mix it in and have beautiful blossoms from spring right on through summer. Any suggestions?

Did you now that if you live in Houston, Texas you can have up to 7 chickens on your property if you have a permit? You won't believe what is required for that permit. No, you'll never guess, so I'll tell you...

You need a doctor's order stating that you need to eat fresh chicken eggs. Yep. I really read that.

                                                                                              *All photos courtesy of Pinterest!


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