Saturday, March 19, 2011

Winner: Keeping Bees!

Well, now... this give-away has certainly revealed to me that beekeeping is a hot topic among Homestead Revival™ readers! And I couldn't be more pleased! Keeping bees on the local level in backyards and on homesteads could be one of the things that helps bees make a return from the brink of Colony Collapse Disorder (read Fruitless Fall for more on this subject and why it makes sense). 

Thank you to everyone who left a comment and entered! I can't wait to have more "bee talks" with you in the future. My new little bee friends are due to arrive April 19th and you can be sure I'll be excited to post about it. But on to the winner...

Congratulations to...

Wendy Lassiter

Wendy has been considering keeping bees herself and I suspect this book will be her final confirmation! 

Thank you to Ashley English, Lark Crafts, and Sterling Publishing. Don't forget that you can find this book in my bookstore under the header where you see the tab "BOOKS". In a couple of weeks, get ready because I'll have another give-away for Ashley's book Home Dairy! (I'm taking a cultured dairy class from GNOWFGLINS™ right now and this book is a perfect compliment to what I'm learning. I'm swimming in cultures and yummy dairy products as I type!)

Don't forget Monday is the Homestead Barn Hop, so get your posts ready. And then on Tuesday I have an awesome give-away that you're going to love! Here are a few hints... it's practical, folds, and will assist the blessed winner in living a bit more green! 


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