Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Desk Organization: Clipboards

Have you ever considered using clipboards to help organize your office space? I love how they look hanging on the wall, especially when they're cute! And how easy to just glance up and see what you need? Once again, practical and pretty (this should be my new motto). 

I only use a couple of clipboards at the moment: one for my menu planning and another for my egg production record. But, I could certainly think of some more great uses for these: chore charts, calendars, daily schedules, honey do list, notes to self, to do list, etc...

Sometimes clipboards come with a metal hanger that you can just hook over a nail or a cup hook, but my clipboards didn't have anything to hang them with. I thought about hanging them by a pretty ribbon with some hot glue and then hang them on the nail, but I was afraid they'd dangle wildly, never be straight, and the ribbons would get dirty. So I used velcro! (Don't you wish you had invented that stuff?!)

Actually, I used the Command Brand Picture and Frame Strips from 3M. Because I only take the clipboards down about once a week, it's easy to use. If I had to do it several times a day, it might be another matter, but I've put these to work for several months now and they've worked just great. 

Apply a strip to the wall where you want it to hang...

and another on the back of the clipboard...

press the two strips together and voila! You're in business!

{sigh}... I'm loving all this desk organization! I can't tell you how much more productive I've been this week!

Do you use clipboards? What kind of things do you put on them? And how do you hang them?


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