Thursday, September 8, 2011

Give Away: Lilla Rose

I have such a lovely give-away to share with you! Remember the post on Keeping Our Femininity? Well, fellow Homestead Revival reader, Jill Wright, contacted me and shared one of the things that makes her feel more feminine is to wear a Lilla Rose hair accessory.

I'd never heard of Lilla Rose before, but they're so beautiful... and practical. Now we're speaking my language! Jill sent me one for my daughters to try and it's been in use ever since. Let's just say that one is not going to be nearly enough for three girls!

Kate has thick hair, but most accessories slide right out because of the texture of her locks. Fortunately, Lilla Rose has a little video clip you can watch that helps you determine the correct size you need for their Flexi-clip: mini, extra small, small, medium, large, extra large, or even a mega size! Depending on your hair type and how you plan to wear the accessory will determine what size you need. We selected the medium for my daughter, and it works great for most styles such as a tails up or tails down, however, even with her thick hair a small would be better for a pony tail or putting up less hair. For a bun, a large would probably do the trick.

I've never really seen another product like the flexi-clip on the market. Perhaps they're out there, but the unique design is such that it bends without stressing the clip and yet, the long pen is permanently attached so there are no worries of loosing it (really great for the absent minded child!). And it's so versatile! By the way, when we received our flexi-clip, we got a small sheet with hairstyle ideas and how-to's. Very handy for those new to hair couture! 

You'll want to visit Jill's Consultant page because there's more than just flexi-clips! Gorgeous bobby-pins, hairbands, o-rings, and hair sticks as well as a lovely jewelry line. But I'd have to say the flexi-clip is the have to have item! I did a little internet looking and saw some gals using it as a scarf clip! I'm thinking a few of these would be great to have on hand for gifts as well.

Enter The Give-Away!

Here's how you can receive a $15 gift voucher to purchase any Lilla Rose item you fancy...

1. Visit Jill's page and window shop, taking some time to oooh and awww over all the lovelies. Come back and leave a comment with your favorite item.

2. Blog, facebook, or tweet about this giveaway to all your girlfriends! Leave a comment for each one that you do.

3. And this is the best... watch the sizing video on Jill's website and then come back and comment on which size of flexi-clip you think you'd wear. You'll see some great hairstyle ideas on the video and how to do them.

This give-away ends Sunday, September 11 at 11:59 p.m. PST.


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