Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Winner: Forgotten Way Farms

Thank you to everyone who participated in the give-away hosted by Forgotten Way Farms last week! There were plenty of great ideas for using the hand plunger for washing clothes...

Items that readers would rather not put in the washing machine...

• bath and kitchen mats
• construction clothes
• horse blankets and pads
• farm clothes with mud
• cloth diapers
• small loads of baby clothes
• smelly sports gear/uniforms
• rags from milking dairy animals (used in wiping udders)

Situations where a hand plunge washer would be helpful...

• camping
• hurricane season (just in case!)
• off grid housing
• power outages
• RV camper when traveling
• backup for broken washer

And general uses...

• delicates
• socks and napkins
• small dirty loads
• and of course, washing ALL the clothes!

Someone pointed out that they thought this tool would work better than a traditional toilet plunger... YES! I totally forgot to mention that this is NOT a toilet plunger in blue. It's actually designed so that it draws water up inside the plunger and back out, creating additional movement of soap and water through the clothes. It comes apart in three pieces, so if you need to store it without the handle attached, you can easily remove it. This was really helpful when packing it in the camper!

I'm a firm believer in "simple machines"; remember the kind we learned about in elementary school? They work efficiently and have little that can go wrong. I'd say the hand plunge washer would easily fit into that category and every home would do well to have one, even if it's just in case! And don't forget... they have a hand crank wringer, too... in case you find you like the hand plunge washer so much you want to use it regularly.

So you probably would like to know who won this great give-away! Congratulations to...

Thanks everyone! And thanks to Daniel and Abby Jo at Forgotten Way Farms. May your clothes always come out clean and bright!


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