Saturday, September 3, 2011

Preparedness Challenge #24

Saturday again and time to talk about what we did this week to be more prepared!

I'm pleased that I made a really good meal in my camp style dutch oven without using and charcoal briquets or fossil fuels other than wood in a fire pit! My Mountain Man breakfast while camping was quite a success and I think I could cook other meals in my dutch oven using a fire pit. Now to select a place out back should we ever need to cook like that at home.

And I've been working on my garden... trying to get it ready for planting fall crops. I'm trying a few things different for watering, so I've been getting that ready along with some raised beds without boxes. And I'm hoping that by the time this posts, I'll have some seeds actually in the ground!

Join the Challenge

To join the Preparedness Challenge, just write a post on something you did this week to prepare and then link up below or leave a comment. Even one thing a week adds up and it will encourage you to do even more! And by participating in the challenge, it will get you thinking about prepping on a regular basis. 

Please only post on preparedness topics. And be sure to take the Preparedness Challenge picture and add it to your blog so others know you're participating and hopefully they'll join up, too!

Please be respectful of our topic and only add a post that is preparedness related in order to retain the integrity of the link up event. THANK YOU!!


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