Monday, September 12, 2011

Barn Hop #27

Welcome friends! Monday is the day we share what's happening on our homesteads. Mine... watching nearby fires. We had a lightening storm pass through here two nights ago and it started over 40 fires in our county alone. Several of which were in our area and two somewhat nearby. And all this was AFTER a large fire in our town this past week due to a plane crash (that one made national news).

I'm writing this on Sunday night and it's the second evening of smoke. The terrain is rugged mountains with brush and trees and although not as dry as normal (we had double our annual rainfall), we still are dry enough that a light rain last night didn't extinguish the flames. Thanks to all who read my update on facebook and prayed the last couple of days.

Today (Monday), I start CERT classes. I bet that class is full after this weekend! If not, it should be. Many of you visit her each Monday, but I'd like to invite you to stop by on Saturdays and participate in my weekly Preparedness Challenge where we all report in and link up on one or two things we did during the week to prepare for life's little (and big) emergencies. I've learned a ton of stuff from other readers just by hosting this and you can, too! So mark your calendar if you have to so you can remember to come back.

I know there's more to tell you, but my mind is so concentrated right now on the fires that I'm going to leave it at that and next week I'll catch you up on the happenings. Thanks again for praying. We need it!

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