Monday, October 3, 2011

Barn Hop #30

Welcome to the Homestead Barn Hop... Number 30!!! So glad to have you joining us. And thank you to everyone who has been participating, whether  you linked up your blog or just spent some time enjoying a chance to visit various homesteads. Many of you have blessed one another through comments, suggestions, ideas, exchanges, ... you name it! Thank you for cultivating the homestead community!

My dad called this week (as usual) and asked, "What's up? How's it going with everyone?". My response... "Fine. Nothing much. Just school as usual. Home stuff. Life... {pause}... nothing exciting."

Honestly, I'm so glad to be able to say that. Routine is nice for a change! Besides, it never lasts very long anyway. Some kind of drama or busyness always works it's way into our lives.

All that to say, nothing much happened on our homestead this week...

• We cooked.
• We cleaned.
• We homeschooled.
• We played Dutch Blitz.
• We went to a prayer meeting.
• We watched a movie together.
• We ate dinner with some friends.
• We deep cleaned the front porch.
• We planted another blackberry bush.
• We split another cord of firewood (or thereabouts)... I nearly lost a finger.

Oh, yeah. That. The finger.... I'm so glad I still have my finger! I didn't get it caught actually splitting the wood, but rather lifting a very large, heavy piece of oak (part of a tree trunk), and when I went to set it down, I smashed my finger between the wood and a piece of metal protruding out from part of the splitter.

"Ouch" doesn't begin to describe the pain.

I was afraid to take my glove off and see what was left. Really, I thought it was crushed. But, it turns out it was just severely bruised. Nothing broken, not even the skin. I'm so thankful because it could have been a lot worse!

Lesson learned... MOVE your hand! Watch your fingers at ALL times!

It didn't deter me... after some Motrin and a quick ice pack, I spent the rest of the afternoon splitting more wood, but with a lot more care.

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