Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thank you!

Thank you, friends, for your overwhelming response to my recent blog post! I feel very blessed to have so many faithful readers who encourage me at every turn as I write my way through this blog. And I wanted to put your mind at ease about the Barn Hop and Preparedness Challenge since so many commented on these two items.

I will continue on with the Barn Hop just as it is; no changes necessary. Everyone helped me see that these weekly events clearly are serving a worthy purpose and connecting homesteaders everywhere, which is exactly what we intended when we started the link up in the first place. I'm honored to keep it up and I think I'm invigorated just knowing you are all getting so much out of it. Perhaps with the changes I've made, I'll have some time in the future to read some of your link ups!

The Preparedness Challenge is near and dear to my heart as well, and I don't want to drop it, so I think a little tweaking will help me continue to manage this along with the Barn Hop. Instead of the challenge being a weekly event, I'm going to make it a monthly event... the last Saturday of each month. This will give readers more time to do some prepping (since weekly is definitely a challenge!) and actually have time to get a post ready. In fact, it could be written anytime during the month, but we'll link up on the last Saturday. I'll talk more about the details at the end of the month on the next Preparedness Challenge.

As for font size, the response was nearly split, but I think we'll stick with the original size. Those who need a larger font do have an option... can I encourage you to adjust it on your own computer instead? I have a mac and can go to "view" and click "zoom in", but I'm sure pc users have a way to do this as well.

Again, THANK YOU for all the kind words and motivation you've given me this week! I'm looking forward to many blog posts to come!


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