Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What's New for Homestead Revival?

Perhaps you noticed the blog looks a little different. I have a hard time leaving things the way they are for very long. At least on my blog. But there is more going on behind my "redecorating" than meets the eye.

Blogging is fun. I admit it. In fact, I started blogging over two years ago because it was a wonderful outlet for all those thoughts running around in my head without anyplace to go! I've not been one to journal much (because I winced whenever I read what I wrote in the past), so blogging was a way to force me to put pride aside and write; revealing a bit of who I am without being able to shred it and burn it up. To say that it has helped me be accountable would be an understatement. 

The more I blogged, the more I realized I could write for my daughters as well. So I refined my blog and marched on. As friends and family found out about my writing, they joined in and began to read, sharing how they were learning and gaining great information while having fun.

So for all those reasons, I think blogging has been a good thing.

Then I decided to try advertising. Why not make money while blogging. A friend had been encouraging me this for a while, so I thought I'd give it a try. Now there is nothing inherently evil or wrong with advertising. For some it's a great fit and other's... well, it's not. I have figured out I'm a "not". 

My personality leans a bit toward the creative side. I need to "create". Blogging allowed me to create through pictures, words, and design. But once I started advertising, I felt limited in my creating. No longer did I write as I felt moved or inspired, but rather I blogged to fulfill a commitment. Daily. Without fail. To maintain traffic. Ugh. 


No inspiration.



Listen friends, I'm not opposed to work. It's just that my blog was not suppose to be work. And the amount of time needed to invest in making it pay... not worth it. While I was working hard to keep setting the example I wanted for my girls, I was getting exhausted trying to juggle it. Homesteading is W.O.R.K., but it's glorious work if you're not trying to juggle too many balls at the same time.

And another thing... it got to the point that I wasn't reading any OTHER blogs for months! I LOVE reading your blogs! But all the commitments pressing in on me kept me away. 

I have no clue what sealed the deal, but it's done. I made the decision and cut the "ad strings" that were tying me down. A few will remain on until my commitment is complete. And they are all WONDERFUL advertisers with GREAT products. I hope you'll visit them. But in the future, my blog will be me and a few give-aways here and there. 

Is anyone left out there reading?

If so, there ARE some new things to look forward to...

• I'm going to try to make the page a bit easier to navigate. The new photos on the sidebar currently link to all my posts on each subject that I have designated. On some of them, such as recipes, I'll eventually link the photo to an index page that will make it quicker to find a recipe. I'd love to know which categories you'd like linked as well.

• It would be great if I could get some feedback on the font size of the text from readers... seems my choices on this template and font combination only allow for small and large, no medium option. I've written this in the large font, but it may be TOO big. Please let me know which you like better.

• I like a lovely blog, and who can stay with just one photo banner all the time? Apparently not me! So I'll most likely change that monthly. Or when the urge strikes!

• I'm not a big fan of music on most blogs because I can't read and listen at the same time, UNLESS it's instrumental and soft. Then I kind of like it. So, for those who do, I've added a playlist in the sidebar near the bottom. You'll have to turn it on yourself, but I hope those who like this kind of thing find it enhances their time here. I'll be adding songs as I find more that I like.

• Homesteading is in my blood. Always has been. But homemaking is a passion as well. I haven't written enough on that, so be ready... I plan to write more posts on the home, parenting, decorating (I was actually a design major once!), cooking, and by request of readers, The Dear Daughter series.

• At this point, I'm not sure what I plan to do in terms of the Barn Hop or the Preparedness Challenge. The pressure to maintain these when I'm swamped has started to take away the joy I had when I started both of these. I'd like your feed back on these as well. And I might get some outside help to keep them going. 

• Several readers have inquired as to whether or not I would take guest bloggers, especially as a way to help keep the blog going. And thank you to all who offered; it was most generous! I spent some time praying and thinking about this because once the decision was made, the blog would no longer be mine alone. It would be more of a compilation of personalities. As lovely as that could be, I decided that Homestead Revival needed to remain my journal, my journey, if you will. Occasionally I may ask someone to share on something that I think is a good fit, but I don't want to lose my original vision.

So there you have it. My heart and my brain on the subject of blogging laid out bare before the world. My posts from here on out will be powered by inspiration and creative hyperactivity. I hope some of you will hang around and enjoy the ride; I love the company!


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