Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Past

Looking through my photos this week, I came across some vintage Christmas pictures! Starting with about 1967! I thought it might be fun to open up my album and let you see a few...

Check out those cowboy boots! I loved cowboy boots. In fact, I was still wearing them (not this exact pair, of course) through my freshman year in high school when I decided it might be a better idea to look a little more feminine (the boys were not impressed with my boots at the time).

I think this was 1968. Obviously the BB gun was the gift de jour.

Hmmm... 1970? My poor mom was always trying to give me baby dolls and fixing my hair in girlish styles. I'm sorry to say I rebelled terribly, whining constantly about pulling my hair back like that. The doll? I don't remember her at all. I do remember the John Deer Tractor matchbox cars that year (see those little boxes on the floor?). Oh... note another gun on the floor. Always a good gift in our home!

Oh, the year of the Schwinn bike with the oh, so cool banana seat! I don't know when I was so happy! I ditched the pink flowers almost immediately and it didn't take much longer to do the same with the basket. Wisdom is lost on the youth. Now I see those turquoise vintage Schwinn's at the store with baskets and I swoon!

1974... this is a hotel room with the grandmothers in Crested Butte, Colorado where we cut down a little pine tree and celebrated with skiing and one gift... a sweater. I'll never forget that Christmas, seeing the skiers come down the mountain at night with lights, and snow everywhere. I was in heaven! (Don't you love that crocheted sweater I have on? Very 70's!)

 Here we are on the slopes the next day...

I think I need to scan the rest of our old photos. These were all I had of Christmases Past and there's obviously more somewhere. All I need is more time to get it done!

I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and that you make some wonderful memories of your own this year!


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