Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Remains of Autumn

While we may be settling into the Advent season, autumn remains upon us until December 22nd. The nights temperatures are well into freezing, ice has been on the lakes the last few mornings, fog is beginning to drift in, and the wind is gearing up to howl, but golden leaves still cling to the trees, refusing to completely give up until the calendar changes...

Although it is no longer October, when I look out doors it reminds me of the poem I use to teach my kindergarten classes...

By Aileen Fisher

The last of October
We lock the garden gate.
The flowers have all withered
That used to stand straight.

The last of October 
We put the swings away
And the porch looks deserted
Where we like to play.

The last of October
The birds have all flown,
The screens are in the attic,
The sand pile's alone.

Everything is put away 
Before it starts to snow - 
I wonder if the ladybugs 
Have any place to go?

Autumn is my favorite season of all. 
I will miss it's chilly mornings, golden hues and haunting beauty. 

Til next year...


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