Friday, December 9, 2011

Give-Away: Pantry Paratus!

As you know, the Homestead Barn Hop Great Holiday Event is coming up this Monday. We have a huge line up of wonderful items to give-away from some really fantastic vendors.

Like Chaya of Pantry Paratus!

You're going to love Chaya's store and blog! And I love the name which is latin for "ready" or "prepared". Wise indeed! (It's apparent we have the same philosophy of the pantry.)

Chaya sells a nice variety of homesteading items specifically related to your pantry needs. Besides food items such as grains, legumes, and spices, she also carries tools you need to prepare an assortment of good eats. I'm already drooling over the American Pressure Canners over there - the Cadillac of pressure canners! (It's on my list of kitchen must haves as soon as possible.) She also carries things like this great Stoneware Butter Keeper...

With all the soups, beans, and chili we're making this winter, we usually try to serve bread alongside it, and nothing tastes better than some fresh butter on top! I get so frustrated if I forget to put some out earlier in the day. But with the butter keeper, you can keep it out up to 30 days and still have it soft when you're ready to sit down for a meal. (My own butter keeper is sitting out on the island as I type - and has been for two weeks!) So, how does it work? You'll want to visit Pantry Paratus to find out.

And can I say that I LOVE the price point on this little treasure? At under $10 it would make a lovely gift for any homemaker. This would be an item to stock up on and have several ready for the holidays for that gift you need on a moment's notice. If you really wanted to make it special, add some of your own homemade butter or make an herb butter ball and press it inside. Give it along with a loaf of homemade bread! Won't you be the new best friend! (Just kidding - but they WILL like the gift!)

Enter To Win!

To be in the drawing for this lovely Stoneware Butter Keeper...

1. Visit Pantry Paratus and do some window shopping. Come back and tell me an item that you would like to find under the tree this Christmas with your name on it. Or share a pantry food item that you like that Chaya carries. (Please include an email address if you do not have a blog.)

2. Follow Pantry Paratus' blog, like their facebook page, or follow on Twitter (both can be found on the right hand side tab), and enter your name again on the comments below for an extra entry.

This give-away closes Saturday, December 9th at 5:00 p.m. PST. 


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