Tuesday, December 13, 2011

North Pole Cupcakes

I hope you don't fall out of your chair on the floor when you read this post. Just warning everyone... it's not a whole food, nor is it healthy in any way. It's totally processed and loaded with sugar. But it IS practically Christmas after all. (I promise... I didn't eat a single one!)

My girls and a couple of their friends whipped these up in no time on Sunday afternoon to take to Advent Services at church. I don't do a lot (or really any) Santa Claus stuff because I like to focus on Christ as the reason for all the celebrating at Christmas, but I'm not legalistic about it and I thought these were just so cute! (We handle Santa at our house by reading accounts of the 3rd Century Saint who helped the needy and the modern Santa more like he's a Disney Character; make believe.) That said, we had a bit of fun with these cupcakes!

I started with a standard box of cake mix. Try using a very white variety such as the one below, but when you bake it, preheat the oven to 350 degrees and then when you put the cupcakes in, reduce the temperature to 325 degrees and bake for 25 minutes. They'll poof nicely and not be flat.

And most importantly, you need a very, very white icing...

I tried the vanilla flavored icing and it was a bit yellow, so try this whipped cream flavor (it was mighty good! I know 'cause I licked my fingers).

After icing the cupcakes, dust them with a bit of sugar to make them glisten, like snow in real life!

Add a small candy cane (just break off the hook), add a dab of icing to the end, and stick a cinnamon imperial on top. Print up a few tags on your computer and use icing to stick them on as well. The more the better... it makes it look like snow got on your sign!

I originally got the idea from Jenny's Cookies via Pinterest (I love that site!). Her's look much more professional... but then again, I believe she IS a professional!

Ours... well, I like the rustic look of snow drifts and clumps of snow on the little poles.  Next time I might take just a wee bit more time getting the right red for my little signs and use card stock, but other than that, I was pleased as punch at how they turned out!

In fact, this cupcake decorating project seems almost designed for the younger crowd or those just starting their cupcake decorating career, because any mistakes just look like a bit more snow blown around! Totally in keeping with my philosophy of a simple Christmas!

Hope you have lots of fun with this in the kitchen!


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