Monday, December 10, 2012

Barn Hop #91

Welcome to the Monday Homestead Barn Hop where you're invited to link up your blog with your very best post of the week; something happening at your homestead or something of interest that will help benefit fellow homesteaders. Plus, each of the 3 Homestead Barn Hop hostess selects her favorite post of the week to highlight the following week. So be sure to visit all three blogs because the "Featured Homestead" could be YOURS!

Thank you to everyone who has been linking back to Homestead Revival, The Prairie Homestead, or New Life on a Homestead. It's like flying the colors of the homestead community and showing others the way to a great life living closer to the land! 
I just had to share this post with you all. Melissa at Tilly's Nest has an excellent tutorial on making Candy Boards for bees during the winter. Now I realize not everyone is as excited about this kind of thing, but if you even THINK you might want to keep bees at some point, check this out. It's the best way I know to feed bees during the coldest part of winter when traditional methods might cause the sugar water to freeze. And most first year hives, they are going to need some feed to supplement them so they don't starve before the first nectar flows in spring.

"...Honeybees work. they work all spring and summer to store up enough pollen and honey for their colony to survive the winter. However, sometimes, their best efforts are not enough and they can end up starving to death if their supplies run out.... sugar syrup and freezing temperatures do not agree, thus, those keeping bees in colder climates must feed their bees another way.

Nicely done, Melissa! I need to get mine completed this week so my wee friends can have a feast!

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On December 17th, the Barn Hop Ladies will be hosting a special link up where we are asking readers to only post something related to Christmas or the Holidays. So dig out your best recipe, snap some shots of your decor, research the origins of your family traditions... whatever it is that you want to share related to Christmas or the Holidays, be ready to link up at the final Barn Hop of 2012. (There will be no Barn Hops on December 24th or 31st).

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