Sunday, December 16, 2012

Candlelight Christmas Tour

Humor me... I needed to work on my night time photography skills. It would be even better if I cold get off the automatic setting. Working on that. Slowly. S.L.O.W.L.Y. All the same, I thought a night time tour might be kind of fun. But I'll warn you, despite photoshop editing and all, a couple just didn't come out that great. I just couldn't get the color right. I'm learning though!

So let's start at the front porch...

Perhaps you remember I wanted to paint my door red last year? One down, three to go. Yes, there are actually two doors and one set of French doors on our front porch. This one is the main entry.

I spiffed up the pots with some greenery and balls and added one of the kids sleds and a sign I picked up this year. I had know idea that the phrase would have such deep meaning for Christmas 2012... seems like we can not get away from the obvious fact that we all need some "comfort" as well as "joy" this year. So thankful we can find that in our Savior!

Next is the entry hall. I didn't get the stair rail decorated this year (can't do it all). But I did get a couple of red pillows on the antique German bench to match the red checked lamp shade. That's about it in here. I hope to add something else before a church College party on Friday night.

On to the main room.... looking back from the entry...

I keep seeing that old galvanized pail... EMPTY. Needs some greenery! But I'm LOVING the elk antlers. Why didn't I use them years ago?

And around to the French Doors going to the back patio...

and on around to the the tree!

We opted for a cut tree this year... a noble fir. The stand is in a large galvanized wash tub, which really makes keeping it watered a breeze! Before the party, I might add some burlap inside.

And finally around to the mud room, pantry, and kitchen.

Perhaps I'll take some pictures of the kitchen and post those soon. But tomorrow, I hope to show you the master bedroom. (For more details on the main room, you can read my earlier post here.) We'll see how far I can get through the house before Christmas arrives.

Hope you're enjoying some cozy days making sweet memories with your families in your own home this year. There will only be one Christmas 2012.

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