Monday, December 17, 2012

Barn Hop #92 "Holiday Edition"

Welcome to the Monday Homestead Barn Hop. Today, we're linking our favorite Christmas and Holiday posts to share! Anything you'd like to share that's related to the season... a recipe, a gift idea, a decorated barn, or even a home tour. Write it up, takes some photos, and join the fun! 

Thank you to everyone who has been linking back to Homestead Revival, The Prairie Homestead, or New Life on a Homestead. It's like flying the colors of the homestead community and showing others the way to a great life living closer to the land! 
This week I'm featuring Lily White. Designs and their DIY Garland tutorial. I adore all those natural garlands you see in magazines and on Pinterest, but unless you make them yourself from pine branches locally foraged, they'll cost you an arm and a leg. Now you can make one yourself!

"I got the idea in my head that a fresh garland would look super cute hanging from the background. I had seen them for sale at Kroger, but wanting to keep things frugal, I decided to talk Jared into going for a late night walk with me to collect greens! It was super easy to make."

Thank you, ladies! This really looks like something we can all do!

If you've been featured in the past...

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Candelight Farmhouse Tour
For more pictures of our Sweetwater Farm home...


And the winner is...
The Preparedness Challenge Grand Finale is now over 
and we have a winner for the Wondermill Junior Deluxe 


Barn Hop News...

Please note that this is the last Barn Hop for 2012. 
We'll resume our link up on Monday, January 7, 2013. See you there!


Join The Holiday Barn Hop!
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...invite you to link up and share your Christmas or Holiday homesteading posts!

Please remember this is a family friendly link up. Any pictures or posts linked to the hop which aren’t appropriate for our children to view or read will also be deleted immediately. We’re pretty conservative, so we ask that you use good judgment and err on the side of caution. 

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Merry Christmas!


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