Saturday, December 8, 2012

Preparedness Challenge 2012 Grand Finale!

Welcome to the Preparedness Challenge! Each month of 2012 USA Emergency Supply has generously hosted a great give away to encourage families to set something aside to prepare for a time of emergency or the unexpected.

I've been so excited to see how many of you have been preparing. And although link ups on here have been down a bit (due more to my lack of promotion probably than anything else), overall, I'm hearing and seeing more and more people taking preparedeness seriously. 

Recently Jamie Lee Curtis was on a late night show and brought her Bug-Out bag with her to show viewers. Nice, Jamie! It took some courage to "come out" and share that she's a prepper, too! 

Toni at A Bowl Full of Lemons has just launched her new Emergency Preparedness E-Book... Way to go, Toni! Yesterday, she started the first week of her 8 week Emergency Preparedness Program, so you're just in time to get started with her! I  haven't had an opportunity to view the e-book yet, but it's got a lot of printables as well... LIKE that. I think it's going to be great as she's VERY organized.

Todd at Prepper Website launched his FREE new journal this past month called The Preparedness Review, with some awesome articles. I was very excited to be included in his publication as well as his featured December Website of the Month (should be posted next week right here so check back if you want to see some fun answers to the questions he asked me!). If you haven't read the Journal, you need to click the link above and download it... the publication is free and full of great information. 

Finally, I want to say a H.U.G.E. thank you to Justin at USA Emergency Supply for so faithfully supporting the Preparedness Challenge all year long with such wonderful give-away items! He has a huge heart for this and has been extremely generous... please take a minute to stop by his website today and just say "thank you" for supporting families getting prepared. 

Speaking of give-aways...

Last month's give away winner is...

Langela @

Langela won the bucket toilet with deodorant and digester! Congrats, Langela! Email me when you get a chance, please.

This month's give-away...

As a grand finale to our 2012 Preparedness Challenge, USA Emergency Supply is offering an End-Of-The-Year Blast for our give-away...

Wondermill Junior Deluxe
Value $219!
What an amazing give-away item! Woo hoo! Someone is going to be VERY happy with this mill. Rather than me tell you all about it here, please take a quick cyber-jump to see the details of this item for yourself. Can you imagine how handy this would be in an emergency?

How I Met The Challenge!

• Food Storage:  I added some awesome organic walnuts to my food storage from Fillmore Farms, as well as lots of canned tomato products, rice, and beans.

• Emergency Preparedness: I set up a family medical notebook which has all our most important medical information all in one place, including copies of major tests, etc. (More details on that to come in a later post, I hope).

• Sustainable Living: I scored big in this department... 3 commercial truck loads of wood chips for the garden for only $50! I'm talking a HUGE pile! I think I'm finally set for getting the garden Back to Eden. I also acquired another book... The Apple Grower by Michael Phillips. I'm considering a small orchard out back and this book focuses on doing that organically. 

Join the Challenge & Enter The Give Away

I'm doing things a bit differently for our Grand Finale... using Punch Tab to record your entries (see below). I am just asking that you please do not participate unless you can comment and tell at least one thing you did this month to be prepared. And please pass along this post and share the give-away. Helping a friend or another blogger take up the challenge could someday save a life. We're in this together, friends!


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