Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Free GNOWFGLINS™ Webinar: Debunking 5 Myths of Fermenting Foods!

If you have hesitated in any way signing up for an eCourse at GNOWFGLINS™, now is the time to find out what Wardeh is like, how she teaches, and what kind of things you might learn should you subscribe. Wardeh is offering a free webinar to talk about debunking myths surrounding the fermentation of foods. The only requirement is that you sign up in advance.

Free Webinar
Debunking 5 Myths of Fermenting Foods
Monday, July 25th 11:00 a.m. PDT 
(Pacific Daylight Time)

Sign Up HERE!
Details to follow via email after you register.

What You’ll Learn In This Free Webinar
  • The versatile flavors of fermented foods
  • What equipment is really required to successfully ferment foods
  • How to distinguish healthy fermented foods from not-so-healthy ones
  • How not all pickles are made equal
  • What skills you need to ferment foods yourself (not nearly as many as you might think!)
  • And probably more!

Be sure to register right away as space is limited. If the time is not good for you, anyone who registers for the webinar in advance can watch the replay later. 

*Full disclosure: As an affiliate, I receive compensation for readers who access the webinar registration through the links on this blog and purchase an eCourse.


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