Thursday, July 7, 2011

Homestead Style Wedding!

Most of you know I went to Washington for a wedding this past month. And it was definitely worth the drive up north! I just couldn't resist showing you some of the bride's beautiful and simple ideas that made this wedding a real treat.

The Venue
Having the right location certainly made this wedding extra special and a favorite in my books! For the ceremony, a plain white arbor with ivy and white chairs were all that was needed. The trees, grass, and flowers surrounding it all served as the backdrop and cathedral. 

The Decor & Delectables
Simple and frugal didn't make this wedding any less spectacular. Quite the contrary! It made it all that much better! Rustic hand painted signs, photos of the bride and groom on a laundry line, a small cake on a tree trunk stand, old shutters, blackboards, button confetti, and items gathered from home finished off the natural touches of the barn itself. Instead of one large wedding cake, the couple had a small cake to cut for the two of them while guests feasted on cupcakes, pies, and other lovely treats!

The Nature
One nice thing about renting a wedding location is the fact that you don't need to spend as much on a florist. A handful of bouquets and a few boutonnieres, as well as a dash on the tables takes care of the rest. The children found it extremely entertaining. I can't help but think they'll remember this wedding long past many others.


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