Saturday, July 30, 2011

Preparedness Challenge #19

One of the best things you can do toward getting prepared is to make a list, organize it, and prioritize. That way, you have a plan and you work it rather than haphazardly jumping all over the place. And you're more likely to be fully prepared in at least some area sooner than later. That alone will motivate you to accomplish your next preparedness goal.

Here's some areas you might want to consider:

• 72 Hour GOODY Bag for each family member (Get Out Of Dodge Y'all)
• Get Back Home Kit
• Camping gear that can be used for pleasure and for emergencies
• 3 days worth of meals that can be prepared if the grid goes down
• 1 week worth of meals, then 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and for some... 1 year
• medical supplies for larger emergencies
• search and rescue gear
• survival gear for hiking out of your area
• supplies for gardening year 'round

This list is by no means exhaustive, but it gives you an idea of how you can break down your preparedness goals so that you can focus on working on them better. It's also a good idea to start a preparedness notebook in order to keep lists of your goals, check off items as you obtain them, keep an inventory of everything from gear to pantry supplies, emergency exit routes, contact numbers... you get the idea. Having all this information at your fingertips is helpful to say the least, but if you have to leave home in a hurry, it's easier to just grab your notebook and go.

I need to do some updating in my own notebook. If I can remember to do this when I pay bills or something else at my desk on a monthly basis, it should stay fairly current.

This week, I also purchased a cast iron skillet and a cast iron griddle for both camping and emergency cooking. We tested them out with recipes such as the GNOWFGLINS™ Sourdough Cinnamon Rolls and tonight, I'm making Sourdough Tortillas on the griddle (don't worry, they don't actually taste sour).  But using sourdough eliminates the need for commercial yeast in baked products. I'm LOVING it!! Taking the GNOWFGLINS™ eCourses has helped me feel more prepared in the area of cooking should the grid ever shut down. Let's hope we never have to find out!

Join the Challenge

To join the Preparedness Challenge, just write a post on something you did this week to prepare and then link up below or leave a comment. Even one thing a week adds up and it will encourage you to do even more! And by participating in the challenge, it will get you thinking about prepping on a regular basis. 

Be sure to take the Preparedness Challenge Picture and add it to your blog so others know you're participating and hopefully they'll join up, too!

• Update 7/30/11: It seems that some readers are starting to link up blog posts that are not on topic. Please be respectful of everyone's time and only add a post that is preparedness related. That way, readers who click your Linky know they will find a post on being prepared. If you have a general homesteading post, you may link it to my Homestead Barn Hop on Mondays. I will not be removing any posts this week, but in the future, if they are not related to the Preparedness Challenge, I will need to remove them from the list in order to retain the integrity of the link up event. THANK YOU!!


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