Saturday, July 2, 2011

Preparedness Challenge #15

Wow! Our 15th week of the Preparedness Challenge! How's it working for you? Anyone out there feel more prepared since we started this journey together? I know it has me thinking differently. Each week my mind is alert to ways I can prepare, even if I am making slow progress. Just keep thinking about the Tortoise and the Hare - slow and steady wins the race... uhhh, I mean, slow and steady is PREPARED!

This week, I assembled my Pioneer Drying Rack that I received from Forgotten Way Farms. Oh, it's so lovely, too! Daniel and Abby Jo do a wonderful job making these so that they're heirloom quality. Anyway, now I'm ready for drying during inclement weather - off grid! I suspect it will be used year round for various things as well, such as drying herbs. I think it would lovely as a quilt display.

I was blessed to be able to pick 23# of cherries for free, saving me a ton of money! They've been pitted and frozen for making jam this next week (and maybe a few pies!). I think I'll take the money I saved and buy a couple of cherry trees for our garden. Then I'll have my own in a few years, Lord willing!

Finally, I purchased some seeds for my fall garden at Territorial Seed Company when I was up there this week. All varieties that I chose were actually for Winter gardening, so I'm hoping that I'll be able to keep going right into the cool weather under row covers. I just need to get some conduit, bend it, and order the actual cover.

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