Monday, October 29, 2012

Barn Hop #85

Welcome to the Monday Homestead Barn Hop where you're invited to link up your blog with your very best post of the week; something happening at your homestead or something of interest that will help benefit fellow homesteaders. Plus, each of the 3 Homestead Barn Hop hostess selects her favorite post of the week to highlight the following week. So be sure to visit all three blogs because the "Featured Homestead" could be YOURS!

Thank you to everyone who has been linking back to Homestead Revival, The Prairie Homestead, or New Life on a Homestead. It's like flying the colors of the homestead community and showing others the way to a great life living closer to the land! 
I know this is the third week in a row that I've featured a post related to chickens. Just couldn't help myself! All three of these gals had such great information to share, and being the chicken girl that I am, I wanted you to see them, too (in case you got bogged down in reading 200+ link ups - woo hoo!!). Kathy, The Chicken Chick, analyzed the accuracy of pumpkins seeds as a natural wormer for chickens and she's sharing her summation with all of us...

"Much confusion and controversy surround the subject of whether pumpkin seeds are a 'natural' dewormer for chickens. I am always open to and interested in things that will help me keep my flock healthy. That having been said, I am not one inclined to accept claims that seem too good to be true at face value. I have researched the subject of pumpkin seeds and come to my own conclusions about their place in my flock."

And here's an added bonus... she also shared a really great recipe for the 'girls' on the same post: 
Peeps' Pumpkin Pie.  

Special Announcement! 
Jill at The Prairie Homestead welcomed a new addition to her family this week!! Prairie Boy is now at home resting comfortably with mamma and the rest of the family. She'll be taking the week off to catch her breath and enjoy some bonding time.

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