Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Winner: Divide-It Wallet

What an awesome response from the Homestead Revival readers on Melissa's Cash Stash Divide-It Wallets! Thank you to everyone who participated, visited A Time For Everything, and bought a wallet. You'll soon be enjoying great benefits from your purchase. And I can almost guarantee you'll recover the cost of your investment on this item because of the money you'll save by NOT using a credit card... maybe even in the first month! Everyone wins with a product like the Cash Stash Divide-It Wallet.

Congratulate our winner with me...

Bountiful Blessings!

She'll be receiving both the Cash Stash Divide-It Wallet and a coordinating Coin Pouch in the fabric of her choice! Woo hoo!!

Don't forget these would make excellent stocking stuffers for college students and teens, as would the kid's tri-fold wallets for the younger crowd. Why not purchase a couple to keep as a quick gift for a friend?

Here's to living with cash only... may your financial future always be debt free!


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