Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Inaugural Edition: The Preparedness Review

In the days leading up to Hurricane Sandy and a very crucial election (to say the least!), I've received several emails and FB messages with many readers concerned and ready to begin their preparedness journey.  So the timing of this announcement could not be any better...

 The Prepper Website has launched it's inaugural edition of The Preparedness Review, a bi-annual eJournal dedicated to helping you find excellent information in order to be prepared. And it's FREE!

I've had the privilege of being included in this eJournal (see article entitled "The Well Prepared Kitchen") and I encourage you to visit The Preparedness Review website and download the publication and get informed.

The official launch date is tomorrow, but you can get a jump on it today by visiting The Preparedness Review's website and clicking the link on the right sidebar just above the coffee ad on the right sidebar. Again, this is FREE, thanks to The Prepper Website, and with Hurricane Sandy fresh on our minds (and 4 million still without electricity), I hope you'll pass it along to all your friends and blog readers who might now be more open to hearing about how to prepare.


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