Friday, October 26, 2012

Inspiration Friday: Rolling Pins

So... continuing our Inspiration Friday along the lines of baking...

Let's talk rolling pins.

Without a doubt, I do most of my baking in the fall. Any wonder I regularly gain weight at this time of year? I know you get that... it's a natural nesting instinct, right? Cool weather, more time indoors, a high need for coziness...

I don't have a rolling pin collection or anything, but I do have a few different pins... a french rolling pin, a standard pin (where did that one go?), a couple of smaller rolling pins, and a... hmmm... I don't know what to call it. A tortilla pin? Basically it's a 1" dowel rod that I mostly use to beat bags of ice when I'm having a get together. It's seen better days, for sure.


For a while, this smattering of pins has been stashed in a drawer under my baking center, but frankly, it isn't working that well for me. When I designed the house and kitchen 10 years ago, my intent was to have a "baking center" with everything easy to access and several regular baking items hanging, at the ready.

Yeah... that didn't happen. Life. Priorities.

Cozy Little House

Onward and forward...

I'm reworking that space now and looking for the best way to "display" my pins on the side of the cabinet that surrounds the baking space. Whatever did we do before Pinterest?

Do You Love Him Loretta?

Sadie Olive

So, how can one display these humble wooden cylinders of flakey pie crust fame? Let me count the ways...

shesagoodgirl via Junk Market Style
Re-found Objects
Amy Azzarito via Design Sponge

Frog Goes To Market
Savvy City Farmer
Photo Credit Unknown
You know... rolling pins are really other objects in disguise...

Olive Blogs
Harbour Breeze Home
Blue Bird Heaven

Sometimes, it's just fun to see how everyday objects can be beautiful and delight!

Blue Cardinal
Just curious... how do you store your rolling pins?


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