Saturday, March 27, 2010

Blogging Bee #4

Welcome to all the new followers! So glad to have you at Homestead Revival. I'm working my way to visiting blogs when I get a chance. I hope your time here is profitable and a blessings.

For those of you interested in reading Real Food by Nina Planck, I'm hoping to start by posting once a week next week. Even if you aren't reading the book, I hope there is enough in the post for you to glean some good information.

Thanks to my dear friend, Michelle at Give A Girl A Fig (love that blog title!), I've come to understand that I need to explain the Blogging Bee a bit better. And I'd love to do so...

The Blogging Bee is simply an opportunity for bloggers to share what they gleaned from reading other blogs during the week by writing about it on their own blog. It could be something new you leaned or simply just a great idea that you'd like to share. Besides passing on good information, it is designed to recognize other bloggers. Thus, the reason why you post links to their blog in your write up.

If you'd like to see examples of past Blogging Bees, just click on the link in the right sidebar under "Read More Posts Here". I often share three or four things, but if you want to share only one, that's perfectly fine. Despite the low participation, I am sticking with this because I think it is a great way for some new bloggers who are doing a great job to get recognized out there in Bloggerland. And it's a great way for you, the reader, to get the best of the best.

There are three steps to this fun event:
1) Write a post telling something(s) you learned or liked this week from another blog that is worth passing on. 

2) Grab the graphic above, add it onto your post and link back to Homestead Revival. To do this, just click on the title above, copy the URL, and link it or embed it in your blog.

3) Come back and add your name and your own URL to Mr. Linky below.  

Is that clear as mud? Please feel free to ask me to clarify if I'm still not explaining it well. 

Amy's Picks

I loved Marisa's video of her kids taste testing raw milk for the first time. What a hoot! They thought they were picking the pasteurized milk, but it was the raw stuff. They obviously liked it better and you can see it at Backyard Farming.

Need to stretch your food dollars and still be able to buy organic free-range chicken? Michelle at She Looketh Well has a video segment on how she feeds her family of 11 on three chickens to make several meals as well as some broth. This is really incredible. Thanks Farmgirl Cyn for passing on this link!

Diane at The Home of Peaceful Acres had an outstanding post that gave me lots to think about today. She introduced her readers to Joel Salatin, owner of Polyface Farm and some of his ideas and books that he's written (read the comments). Then she gave a comparison of Louis Pasteur's philosophy of germ theory and Antoine Bechamp's cellular theory. It sounds very scientific and intimidating, but it isn't. However, if you're like me, you'll realize it's just the tip of an iceberg that needs exploring! (I just love this stuff!).

I want to close with a big thank you to Andrea at Rural Revival (my "revival" farm-chick sister) who sent me this neat necklace that I won over at her blog a couple of weeks ago. I've been proudly wearing it and sharing about our blogs! Thank you, Andrea. I think of you each time I wear it!

This is the beginning of Spring Break for my family (no school!). I'm looking forward to some garden time, sunshine, and regrouping before the sprint to reach the school finish line! 

Hope you're weekend is blessed!


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