Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tuesday Twister #3

Last week I didn't get to try as many new things in the kitchen as I'd like, but I managed to squeeze in at least one thing and do some others that I haven't been able to do for a while... 

First, let me say how much I'm enjoying the GNOWFGLINS eCourse that Wardeh Harmon is teaching. It has motivated me to actually crack open my Nourishing Traditions Cookbook and try some things that I had hesitated to do before. And I'm getting hooked! The more I learn about this way of preparing meals, the more sense it makes. And what's interesting is that I'm finding a lot of it is similar to French cooking - at least the part with broths and I'm assuming cultured foods (I don't really know that much about French cuisine - just enough to be dangerous as they say). 

I thought that the soaking would require more effort to prepare the dishes, but I'm finding that it actually is easier for me. Mainly because you do half the night before (or at least a portion) and then you finish it up the next day. And since the soaking times are a range of time rather than exact, it takes a lot of pressure off as to when you have to be back in the kitchen to finish the recipe.

Wardeh is so organized and has prepared all the handouts and information in such a lovely fashion, too. But the best part for me is the video portion. Simple but just what I needed to know that I was on the right track with some of the recipes. As I mentioned before, she'll be repeating the class in a few months and I highly recommend it.

This last week I made a soaked pancake recipe. It came out fine and the girls seemed to like them, but after having the Pioneer Woman's sour cream pancakes... well, let's just say that I plan to convert the sour cream recipe soon to a soaked sour cream pancake recipe! And I think it will lend itself nicely to the adaptation.

I also made a soaked muffin recipe that was outstanding! I could have eaten a dozen of these by myself! But I had to share. The family was hovering around and waiting anxiously so I'm glad they didn't disappoint. These were loaded with bits of apples and soaked almonds that I made the week before. Oh, they were good! 

Now this next item isn't in Wardeh's cooking class, but when you find bananas on sale cheap, you buy a lot! So I am going to freeze some for smoothies and the rest I dehydrated because my husband loves them so. I used about 20 bananas for 9 Excalibur trays and it filled one half gallon canning jar (minus the ones we kept snacking on while we were working - gotta pay the help some way!).

I use this handy chopper to make all the slices the same thickness. Consistency helps.

Then I tossed them in lemon juice. It just helps them from turning entirely brown although they still do just a bit.

Place on the trays...

Go to bed and wake up the next morning to these...

I always use my Food Saver with the jar attachment to keep them as fresh as possible. It's very easy to reseal after someone has been in the jar - provided they tell me!

You can learn more about the Excalibur Dehydrator under my "Shop" tab at the top. I have more products coming soon, too. Like Vita-Mix! 

If you're interested in learning more about Tuesday Twister and what it's about, just click the blog button above. Be sure to share what's going on in your own kitchen this week and vote in the poll - it's all about soaked grains. I'd love to know your thoughts. Really!



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