Monday, March 15, 2010

Homesteading, The Economy, and Being Debt Free!

First, I want to welcome to all the new followers at Homestead Revival! Thank you for visiting and joining in the mission to reclaim the home! I hope you find your time here is both profitable and enjoyable.

Also, I had fun finding out a little about your own homestead in last week's poll. Most of you live in the country, followed by small towns and suburbs (and I did notice those of you who are in planned communities and city dwellers!). If you haven't read my "About" page, it's only fair that I share where I live. 

Our own homestead is located in the country, but it's in a large gated community (sounds fancier than it is!). It's actually a lot like a little town with large lots; ours is about 4 1/2 acres. We have our own police and fire department, recreation facility and little league sports, a small grocery store, post office, etc. The location is unique because the community is in a bowl of mountains with houses scattered from the bottom to the top. Some houses are close together while others are far apart. It's kind of the best of both worlds, because you have neighbors for community, but enough space to enjoy nature.

As much as we love it, we have decided it's time to sell and move on to another home. Several things spurred this on, but the number one reason: to be completely debt free! In making a move, we stand to reduce our current mortgage in half or more! Also, if we move to a smaller home closer to my husband's work, we can save money each month on utilities, gasoline, etc. This would allow us to pay down what is left by making an extra payment on the principal each month. Aggressively!

The hard part will be finding the right place. Just like everyone else, we want it all! A pretty location, nice neighbors, rich soil on flat land for things like gardening and animals, good water supply, plenty of sunlight, some trees, and little wind. Yes, where we live it can be very windy at times; to the point you can't even work your garden. So I'm sure that finding the right place will actually mean some compromises. Any prayers will be gratefully accepted - both for God's will and our attitude!

Not everyone should sell their home to be debt free, but in our case, it is the best way to move forward. Like I said, there were several things we had to consider. However, each of us can work toward being debt free right where we are. And our role as wives and helpmeets can go a long way in making that possible. Being good managers of the home encompasses a lot of territory where dollars can be saved or wasted. And right now, everyone is needing to tighten their belt at bit and be creative in the art of frugality (is that a word?). 

I'd love to hear some ways you are helping your family to live frugally or things you'd like to learn so that you could pay off debts and make your homestead more secure. It's just another way of prepping! So leave a comment if you will, participate in the new poll, and come back tomorrow for a great give-away!


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