Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Future of Food: GMOs?

By now, most everyone has heard of GMOs and how they are bad for you. But unless you are growing all your own vegetables or eating exclusively organic, you are almost assuredly eating genetically modified food. Didn't know that? It's true. And according to some documentaries, it's almost out of control by the scientist who have devised these Frankenstein foods. 

Have I ever recommended The Future of Food? I think that of all the documentaries on food that I've watched, this one is one of the most revealing when it comes to understanding GMO's or genetically modified organisms. I'm attempting to add an actual video clip here for the first time (hope it works for you!). It's only an introduction to the movie, but you can easily order this from Netflix if you have an account with them in order to view it in it's entirety. Or click here to download it to your computer to view for free. 

(Please note that this is not from a Christian worldview and most of us will not agree with it 100%. However, I am interested in some of the facts that they have uncovered and the basic science behind GMOs.)

Scary? Try watching the whole thing! I really didn't understand the difference between hybrids and GMOs until I watched this. It's really amazing what they are doing to food and we aren't even aware of it! I talked to an organic farmer a few months ago who has a close friend that works at Monsanto. His friend honestly believes he's doing something that is safe. I humbly submit that at some point we are trying to play God when our science and technology goes beyond the natural laws that God established.

Even if you object to organic foods because of the price, I highly recommend that you at least eat organic corn and soy products (the most genetically modified foods) along with the top twelve that are considered "The Dirty Dozen", if for no other reason than to avoid GMO's. Print and clip this chart, then laminate it to keep in your purse. That way you can make an informed choice when you're working on a tight budget.

Once it was thought that you could avoid any produce from the grocery store that has an '8' at the beginning of the produce code as this indicates that it has been genetically modified. However, produce won't always bear this code as it is used only for inventory purposes and is not required and more often than not, they are just not bothering to add the 8 in front of the number. Because after all, with the bad press, who is going to actually want a genetically modified ear of corn? (Codes starting with a 9 are organic).

Another way to avoid GMO's is to buy organic or heirloom seeds and grow your own vegetables. I really appreciate the work that Seed Savers Exchange is doing to preserve these God-given treasures. You can read about their mission here.

Others seed companies are working toward these same goals as well and they remain a great resources. Someday the future of our national food supply may depend on their efforts (but only if God ordains it to be so!).

Once again it would be easy to become fearful. Instead, become informed and wise. Know that you will consume some of this stuff, but our bodies can handle small amounts of these GMOs if we are eating the bulk of our food from a reliable source that does not contain genetically modified produce. Choose carefully.

"Then God said, "Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the surface of all the earth, and every tree which has fruit yielding seed; it shall be food for you;"
     - Genesis 1:29

Eat and be well, friends!


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