Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Chico Bag Give-Away

Update: Thanks to all who participated in the Chico Bag Give-Away. The drawing is now closed. Congratulations to Megan of Megan's Blog!

Have you started taking your own bags to the grocery store or farmer's market yet? I think the idea is finally starting to catch on. And I'm sure it's partly due to great companies like Chico Bag that have created a practical, but yet stylish solution. 

I really wanted to switch over to re-useable bags because it just seemed like doing so would be good stewardship. Those plastic bags really accumulate fast if you shop regularly, and then you need to recycle them in some way. For me it isn't a very good use of resources or time.

Before Chico Bags, I tried to use the large, square fabric bags that only fold flat and are sold at most stores with their logo on it. It's great that they fold flat, but I just couldn't ever remember to put them back in the car, much less take them in the store!

Then I purchased a couple of Chico Bags and I finally started to make the transition successfully. These fold up into a tiny pouch so that they can be dropped down into my purse, or I can clip it on the side somewhere. I've also left them in the cup holder of my car where they are right in view when I am parking at the store. But I think that the fact that they're actually cute made me want to use them!

The Chico Bag is really light weight so it won't weigh your purse down, but that doesn't mean it won't hold your heavy items. These things are tough! I haven't done an actual test to see how much they'll hold, but I've used it for my raw milk and other heavy items without any problem. And they're easy to get back into the attached pocket.

Would you like to try one? The good folks at Chico Bag have sent me a sample SLING Bag to give away to a Homestead Revival reader. This is perfect for the farmer's market because you can put it over your shoulder with your coin purse inside and your hands are free for other uses. If the strap is too long, just tie it at the top to shorten it. Or wear it across your chest. Recently I took mine to my friend's farm to purchase meat and produce and I found the strap comfortable even with food inside.

Also, you might be interested to know that several of their bags, including the SLING, are made from 99% recycled items: plastic bottles and some aluminum (for the hook). Any of their items that are marked rePeTe are part of the recycle program.

How can you win this SLING bag? 

1. Go to the Chico Bag website and do a little browsing. Check out their various products

2. Come back here and tell me what you think. Would any of them work for you? What styles seem most practical? Which is your favorite color or print? Tell me anything you'd like in the comment section. All entries must be from Homestead Revival Followers.

The Give-Away ends Thursday at 10:00 PM PST. Don't miss out!


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