Thursday, March 18, 2010

Homestead Revival Book Club: Real Food

Does anyone else out in Blogland have a stack of books you have been intending to read but haven't gotten to, besides just me? I read a lot, but I still have so many that I want to get to, and soon! This list is growing faster than my ability to read! So many good books; so little time... 


Anyway, if you'd like to join me, I'm starting Nina Planck's book Real Food. This should be a great read with some interesting information to glean along the way. 

Nina grew up on a farm and ate real food until she went away to college. She admits she lost her way, but gradually came back to the realization that all the fad diets and medical warnings about avoiding taboo foods was not the answer to healthy living, but rather the answer was found in her parents simple philosophy about eating real food.

And Nina knows food. She grew it along side them, helped sell it at roadside stands and farmers markets, and eventually helped establish the first true farmer's markets in London. She also ran New York City's Greenmarkets, wrote a couple of books: Farmer's Market Cookbook and Real Food for Mother and Baby.

Now when I'm selecting a book to read, I often look at the table of contents to see what it's really going to offer me. Here's what's being served up at Real Food:

1. Grow up on Real Food, Lose My Way, and Come Home Again
2. Real Milk, Butter, and Cheese
3. Real Meat
4. Real Fish
5. Real Fruit and Vegetables
6. Real Fats
7. Industrial Fats
8. Other Real Foods
9. Beyond Cholesterol
10. The Omnivore's Dilemma

Did I mention that I'm a slow reader? I know some of you have young children and reading is unheard of unless it's a children's book at bedtime. I promise this won't go fast! (But I don't want to drag it out forever either). Hide out in the bathroom and read a page at a time if you have to! Read it aloud to your infants. They just need to hear your voice and words (vocabulary). Take it to ball games. Whatever. But let's read, shall we?

Here's how I'll do it. Once a week I'll post a few thoughts and questions that will hopefully spur some conversation. You get to tell me your thoughts back. There won't be any tests, papers to sign, or proof of reading. Just a few friends talking once in a while (maybe once a week) on things they gleaned from the book. And if you're shy, you can just read the comments. Sound interesting? 

If you need a book, may I humbly suggest that you consider purchasing through my Amazon bookstore? ( I love their $25 deal that will get you free shipping - I read a lot and can never buy just ONE book!). 

Before I close, don't forget the Happy Tiffin give-away ends tonight at 10:00 p.m. PST. This is a very nice item for a very nice someone... it could be you!



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