Monday, May 10, 2010

Food and Faith Challenge: Time

Forgive me for not keeping everyone updated, but the Food and Faith Challenge is still going on over at The Local Cook. Wendy Hammond is blogging her way through all the recipes in Simply in Season, a Mennonite World Community Cookbook celebrating fresh, local foods that can be enjoyed in season (see my bookstore under the "Book" tab). 

Instead of posting my own article here today, I want to encourage you to go over to Wendy's blog and read the article there by guest author, Heather Bixler, a student at Duke Divinity school. She has written a very honest and open piece about "Time" in relation to our Food and Faith. Leave a comment and you might win this vintage apron that is this week's give away, repurposed and lovingly crafted from a 1950's tablecloth! After you've been over there, I hope you'll leave a comment here and tell me your number one cooking challenge in relation to time. Do you forget to thaw something? Is meal planning being overlooked? Perhaps too many activities around dinner time? Let me hear from you!

While you're over at The Local Cook, be sure to read a few past Food and Faith Challenges, especially last week's article by Angi of Powered by Produce. It's absolutely incredible, well documented, and informative. I learned so much about the situation of farm laborers!

On May 15th, I am honored to be Wendy's guest blogger on the topic "Bible and Food". I'll be sure to keep you posted!
Happy eating!


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