Monday, May 24, 2010

Fundamentals eCourse Now Open For Enrollment!

Please see the important update (8:25 am 5/24/10) to this post below my original post.

If you missed Wardeh Harmon's first Fundamentals eCourse, you now have an opportunity to jump in whenever it fits your schedule! Now, next week, next month... whenever! And each lesson is available for download when you're ready. Wouldn't this be a great opportunity to learn some new skills during the summer break? 
This outstanding class has really been fun for me as I've learned how to tackle several cooking techniques that intimidated me. The print outs and on-line videos along with the members only forum made it almost like Wardeh was at my house (or me at hers!) and walking me through the recipes. I learned to soak grains, nuts, seeds, and legumes, make baked goods from soaked flour, and  a lot more fascinating techniques in the custom of Nourishing Traditions. 

Learn the fundamentals of traditional cooking in an online class.

I encourage you to click the link above and visit the GNOWFGLINS™ website to find out more, because Wardeh can tell you so much better than I can, just what this course will do for you. What I do know is that my family has enjoyed some fabulous foods that were new to them and I've been able to break free of my limited cooking skills in order to tackle a whole new realm of great recipes! And seriously, it was much easier than I had anticipated!

There has been a slight delay in the course opening today... I just received word that Wardeh is making a dramatic change to this eCourse by opening it up for donations only! Apparently, God is leading her to help others make a lifestyle change and she has written a post about what her intentions are regarding the class. I encourage you to click HERE and read it in her own words and find out what it can mean for you and when it will be available!


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