Thursday, May 27, 2010

Storing Organic Potatoes

I'm reaching back into the archives of my previous blog this week while I try to keep up with all the graduation activities! Hope you can use this tip and some extra computer time to read some older posts at Homestead Revival™ today!

When I picked up my produce from Abundant Harvest Organics this week, the newsletter I picked up from the farmers had some information and a tip in it of which I was totally unaware.

According to Jacob Mendrin of JND Farms in Madera, conventionally raised potatoes are sprayed with a sprout inhibitor at the time they are packed so they can be stored in a pantry without sprouting for an extended period of time. However, organically raised potatoes are not treated in this manner (thank goodness!) and must be stored in the refrigerator to combat sprouting. To store properly, place them unwashed and unwrapped in the crisper drawer. And as always, keep them away from your onions since they both release gases that are mutually harmful to each other and promote spoilage.


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