Saturday, May 8, 2010

Frugal Entertainment Ideas

After my post on Cutting The Household Budget Down To Size, it sounded like most of you have already "cut" the cable or TV off for the most part. And perhaps the rest of us need to consider doing the same! Which led me to brainstorming...

Photo Credit: rrodrigo

Frugal Entertainment Ideas

Play games or have a weekly Game Night
Go star gazing and learn about the constellations
Go camping in the back yard
Read a classic out loud together or one of the Lamplighter Series
Enjoy a picnic together
Fly a kite
Go for a bike ride
Take up hiking and learn to identify wildflowers or edible native plants
Learn the guitar or piano and have a sing along (invite the friends over)
Roast marshmellows over a camp fire or in the fireplace
Have a coloring contest with the little ones
Act out a Bible story
Play charades
Eat dinner out on the patio and take a long time!
Catch fireflies together in a mason jar
Hang a tire swing from a tree and take turns
Lip synch to your favorite songs
Go sledding
Build a snowman
Make real "snow" cones
Work a puzzle 

What does your family do for frugal fun?


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