Saturday, May 22, 2010

Memories Of A Clothesline

From what I can tell, Homestead Revival™ readers span the decades as far as age. Thankfully, it's as I had hoped... multi-generational. So if the younger readers will humor me a bit (and stay for this post), I'd like to be nostalgic for a minute. 

Those of you born-pre 1970 will probably have some memories of drying clothes on a line rather than a dryer. Anybody? I know I'm not alone. Certainly I'm not the only one who found something comforting about seeing clothes hanging out to dry in the sun and the breeze. And I loved how it soaked up the scents of the outdoors and absorbed the heat of the sun. 

I still can remember all the clothespins in one of those bags that hung on the line. Kids can find an amazing amount of things to do with a clothespin. It's a wonder my mom ever had any on hand when she needed them! Remember the umbrella style clotheslines that turned on a pole? Why do kids find it irresistible to constantly turn it and listen to is squeak?

Of course, there was the occasional rush to rescue it from a sudden Texas thunderstorm. And the game of tag that accidently ran off course and into the clean sheets. Sometimes an item got damaged...

Photo Credit: itroy

Perhaps my memory has made clothesline drying seem a bit romantic as I have conveniently forgotten some of the negative aspects. If I remember correctly, towels weren't so soft. A bit like sandpaper, yes? Oh, let's not get too negative. I prefer to remember only the good aspects, especially since I think a clothesline may be in my near future.

Does anyone know how much money a family of 5 can save by not using the dryer? I wonder if the new dryers are so efficient that it has retired the clothesline for good? Would it be worth it to give it a try? I doubt you can just run to the local hardware store and find these anymore, but perhaps I'm mistaken.

Some of  you will remember my recent poll question: Do you use a clothesline. Out of 83 votes, 6% percent don't like how it dries clothes, but 18% use this method all year long - winter included. Wow! You go girls! You're true Steel Magnolias! I had no idea that many people still do this! A large group of readers (45%) use one during the summer and I can see where that makes sense. Especially if you live where the winters are extra cold. 

For the 30% who don't use one, but would like to, get ready for some clothesline posts soon. We're going to explore this topic more. Times are tight... it's time to get SUPER frugal!

Tell me your favorite clothesline memories, ladies! And I'd love some pics of your own line if you'd like to share them for a future post. (See profile page for email address).


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