Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Baby Cottontail

How often do you get to see a baby Cottontail up close? This precious little thing was orphaned and the only surviving bunny due to a little accident. A friend brought it to the girls to try to feed it and help it survive. I suspect it won't make it even though it seems to be doing fine, because all the websites say Cottontails are very difficult to rescue, even with special formulas and such. 

We're praying for it and doing what we can with items we have on hand. 

He seems to be active enough. He has squeezed through the bars of the pet carrier we put him in and went MIA in the house for about 10 hours yesterday. "Pip", as the girls call him, made it across the house and into my bathroom where he was found hiding behind the toilet! Seems like the name Peter Rabbit would be more appropriate.

So cute I had to share. 


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