Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Making Herbs Simple

I just finished viewing Making Herbs Simple Volumes 1 and 2 by Shoshanna Pearl Easling and what a treasure! I've wanted to learn some herbal medicinal recipes for a while and I just wasn't very confident on how to go about it. Tinctures, poultices, and other such things were a complete mystery to me.

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Having a visual demonstration makes all the difference in the world! I liked Shoshanna's fun and cheerful personality, but what I found even more helpful was her clear explanations. She takes nothing for granted and yet doesn't talk down to the viewer. The only negative thing I could say is that there's not a volume 3 and 4! 

Thanks to Abby Jo at Forgotten Way Farms who offers these DVDs for sale, I decided to give them a try... and I'm so glad I did! Even though Shoshanna doesn't cover every single herb out there, I felt like I learned enough basics to venture out a bit further. For example, knowing what a tinture is and how it is basically made, I feel like I could now read a recipe for another herbal tincture and make it successfully. 

I liked this series so much, I started researching Shoshanna's Bulk Herb Store and found other things that were helpful such as her weekly YouTube lessons - 40 episodes so far! I'm looking forward to working my way through these. 

If Obama Care really comes to pass, I suspect we'll all be finding ways to cure at least simple issues on our own. Perhaps it's a good idea we get started.


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