Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Spring Clean and Rummage Sale

As I write this, it's Wednesday evening and I'm already exhausted. Today is day one of a three day prep for a rummage sale on Saturday at the community center! I cleared out one of the store rooms (I have two) and sorted through items to keep and sell. Then I went through the little girls clothes (okay, one's not so little anymore!) and sorted, eliminated, and reorganized. Of course, I had to do some laundry to figure out what was in there as well. And now I'm so tired, I'm sure I'll sleep like a rock.

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I have two more days to go and the big outdoor storeroom is still looming in the horizon. Nothing is priced because I hate doing that and I hate haggling over a price. In fact, the only thing I like about a rummage sale is seeing my stuff out of the house and the money I make doing it. But, I haven't had a sale in 3 years or more and items have accumulated.

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If it's quiet here at the blog for a few days, I apologize. My mind is on one thing and that is getting this job done! I'm sure this will all work to develop more perseverance in my character, however, I've had a moment or two where I thought I might just take my husband up on his offer to take it straight to the thrift store.  

Very tempting indeed.


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