Tuesday, May 17, 2011

More Dinner Napkins!

It's rainy and cold again. Not very conducive for gardening, but very nice for sewing! I'm busy upstairs making things this week and having a grand time. 

Since we eliminated paper napkins, I've had fun making a few cloth napkins. By using white dinner plates, I can add just about any color of napkin or pattern that catches my eye, including mismatched napkins! Just keep a color theme and you can go wild!

Patterns and batiks are best because they hide stains; be sure to stain treat them right away if they are very soiled or oil based foods get on them. I just add these to whatever load of laundry is going in the wash so they don't pile up and the stains don't get so set. When we have something really messy, like bbq ribs or chicken, I keep some paper towels on hand to use instead, but otherwise, we use these every day.

Ironing isn't always necessary depending on the fabric and if you pull them out of the dryer quickly or hang them nicely on the line. But when they do need ironing, it's perfect for my youngest to practice her ironing skills.

I have a basic napkin tutorial if you'd like to make some of your own. And my daughters are wanting some that are reversible with ric-rac trim, so hopefully I'll get to those soon and post them as well.

I really have a thing about the dinner table being a lovely and inviting place for the family; a place where everyone wants to be each evening and linger in conversation, games, or family devotions. Little touches like cloth napkins just add an extra bit of ambiance that says LOVE.


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